Successful trainings held at the Federal College of Fisheries & Marine Technology, Lagos in Nigeria

We've received word from our contacts at the Federal College of Fisheries & Marine Technology, Lagos in Nigeria that at least two training events for TEEAL have been successfully completed - one at the end of September 2017 and another on 1 March 2018.

Consistent awareness building is key to helping as many members of an institutional user community as possible realize that tools such as TEEAL are available for assisting in their research efforts. Congratulations to the team at the Federal College of Fisheries & Marine Technology, Lagos on the successful coordination of these vital training events. We've also been able to receive some post-training feedback from attendees of the FCFMT training events:

Geraldine Okeke - "Thank you Ma for bringing such a wonderful and beneficial package to us. May God continue to bless and empower you. I will definitely make good use of TEEAL.
Aloba Olalekan - "The TEEAL training was amazing and I personally found out that it provided a lot of chances to face challenges that occur during project work by providing journals in various areas. More grease to their elbows.
Edwin Roseline Annasthasia - "The TEEAL training was really a good one and I believe it is going to help me to go about my project. Thanks for the training.
Oladapo Femi Emmanuel - "The TEEAL training was an amazing experience that has broadened my understanding about research and the knowledge of databases, as a student.
Ushie Austin Ntini - "TEEAL is quite interesting. I have been thinking of how to go about my project research as a final year student and TEEAL came to me assistance.
Sheriff Lawal Olatunji - "The TEEAL training was interesting. The fact that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation support this programme is a big step in achieving modernisation in Agriculture.
Akinwale Temitope Precious - "The TEEAL training was wonderful and I really appreciate you ma. More grace. I pray the programme is been supported by people." 
Erhiemu James Junior - "I am really glad about the lecture/workshop training. It really opened my mind to the fact that I can easily research without stress and also easily get information with just a click. I believe this will help me out in my future projects.
Ogunleke Olalekan - "The programme was a full pack of knowledge which has helped me to know much about TEEAL. It is a good place to learn and it has helped me in my project topic. The Lord will continue to bless the foundation of TEEAL.
Ego frosh - "Thank you very much Ma for lecturing us about TEEAL. I really enjoyed the class and I strongly believe it is going to help me with my project and I wish I could have one more class.

Also included in this post, of course, are some of the photos taken during the course of the two trainings. We always love seeing photos from TEEAL workshops, so a thank you to Liz Mangai for sharing these great comments and photos!


27 September 2017 workshop photos:










1 March 2018 workshop photos: