Banana researchers in Costa Rica turn to TEEAL for scientific information

At the invitation of new TEEAL subscriber, CORBANA, in late September the TEEAL Regional Director, Nicole Joos traveled by car the two hours from her office in San José, Costa Rica to their research station and laboratory located in Guápiles to deliver a TEEAL orientation accompanied by a hands-on training session to CORBANA researchers and staff. 

La Corporación Bananera Nacional (CORBANA) is a non-profit public organization dedicated to serving Costa Rica’s national banana producers through carrying out research in areas such as: fertility and nutrition, plant pathology, nematology, tissue culture, soil and drainage, soil microbiology and agronomy.  

The Director of Research, Jorge A. Sandoval (shown in photo) first contacted Joos in June 2011 regarding acquiring TEEAL for the researchers at CORBANA. For Sandoval, it is important that CORBANA researchers have at their disposal options for accessing high-level scientific information and he saw in the TEEAL an important reference tool. Sandoval and others at CORBANA had used TEEAL before, at the library at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE).

Nicole at CORBANA