"Awareness matters” / TEEAL Regional Director Nicole Joos explains outreach campaign activity through INASP editorial

An outreach campaign carried out last year introduced TEEAL to a much bigger audience in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The positive results, an interest in and demand for TEEAL, illustrated an unmet need for access to agricultural and related scientific journals in geographic areas previously thought by the TEEAL project to have sufficient coverage; a need that would have gone undiscovered without the outreach campaign.

Details communicated in the editorial piece published in INASP's Winter 2011 Newsletter.


"Awareness matters
Demand spikes for the TEEAL agricultural library after new outreach campaign in the Americas and the Pacific
Nicole Joos

When César Alvarado read about TEEAL earlier this year he was instantly interested and soon afterward a TEEAL set was acquired for Escuela Nacional De Ciencias Forestales (ESNACIFOR), the national forestry school in Honduras where he is an instructor. Why was César only hearing about TEEAL now even though it has been installed in universities and research centers worldwide for over a decade? For César and other key actors in agricultural education and research in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Pacific (LAC&P), an awareness campaign launched in 2011 is bringing news of TEEAL for the first time."


Interested in reading more of Nicole's editorial for INASP? You can find the piece starting on page 4 of INASP's Winter 2011 Newsletter, here: http://www.inasp.info/media/www/documents/INASP-Newsletter-46-en.pdf


- the TEEAL Project Team