The 2009 Update to the TEEAL Collection is now available!

The TEEAL Project Staff and Mann Library are happy to announce the 2009 Update to the TEEAL Collection has been officially released.

There are numerous new facets included in the 2009 update of TEEAL. These include:

• We've increased our content. TEEAL will now contain full-text access to over 200 journals, including 20 new African titles since the release of the 2008 update
• Plant Resource of Tropical Africa, or PROTA, will now be included in TEEAL as an additional installation option.
• An expandable subject category list will now be available within the TEEAL installation
• Foreign language help will also now be available; this option will allow you to toggle between English, French, and Spanish language help sections.

The 2009 Update materials are available for purchase to both new and returning subscribers, and the data will be included in all new, TEEAL full set/base collections purchased by new subscribers. This means material will now span 1993-2009. To view the full list of journals, visit:

As always, the TEEAL team continually strives to make the collection an effective resource for our subscribers; resultantly, we’ve developed new payment options to ensure that a TEEAL purchase for your institution would be effective and financially feasible. Payment plans now also include significant discounts when you purchase additional TEEAL Updates – including both the 2010 and 2011 updates of the collection. If interested in learning more about the TEEAL resource, discount availabilities for your country, payment plans, or even possible funding assistance for your institution then please email the TEEAL Project Staff at:

With continued best regards from the TEEAL Project Staff!